“The passion for the art I create comes from the emotions a vivid color sparks in me and the sensual, graceful movement I see in a simple line traveling through space. This indescribable feeling is the energy that works like a bridge connecting my audience with me.

My Abstract Digital compositions start always with a photograph that I manipulate through the process of creating layers, applying filters and by peeling off areas within the space. The common element is always the use of bold, vibrant colors. Jabo”





Limited edition prints are collectible art pieces with the potential to increase the value over time.

Jabo’s limited editions are numbered, signed and they come with a Certificate of Authentication. Each artwork is limited only to 10 copies. These prints are produced and supervised directly by Jabo in his own studio. Each artwork has a limited edition to 10 per size available.

Please contact Jabo for pricing on custom size images.


These pieces of art are treated differently from the main limited edition series.

These pieces belong to Jabo’s personal collection and they are only sold by his consentient. This is a very personal selection of Jabo’s beloved images and this collection is limited to 3 per selected image.


These images are perfect for someone who is just looking for a fine piece of art to complement any room at a very affordable price. They are high quality prints produced and supervised directly by Jabo.

These prints are NOT signed or numbered and they do not have any increased future value other than the cost of printing and framing.
Reproductions are printed during or after the limited edition is sold out.


  • 12″ x 8″

  • 24″ x 16″

  • 36″ x 24″

  • 54″ x 36″

Please contact Jabo for pricing on custom size images.

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